County Kids Read Goes Global

County Kids Read received a large number of books from Kids Can Press that were global, and international in scope and content. There were more than enough books to share – so County Kids Read sent some of the books to children in Ghana.  Although the container was 5 months late in arriving, the shipment was finally received in May by appreciative children at schools in Atakor and Dzita.  Peta Hall, who was in Ghana when the books arrived, sent this note and the accompanying photos, which are definitely worth a thousand words!

“And what a gift you gave those children in Atorkor and Dzita.  When the box was opened and the kids got to touch and read the books … they were enthralled, engrossed, absorbed, fascinated and awed!  Seriously, it was better than Christmas for them.  I gave some to the Basic school in Atorkor but the majority went to the Learning Centre in Dzita (next door village).  It is the only one of its kind in the region; it’s small and part of the Dream Big Ghana NGO.  Started by a brilliant, caring young man, Dougal, and concentrating on African heritage and culture, it has books, puzzles, games and some computers for the older children.  It features African related stories, or subjects, so your books were PERFECT, being international in subject matter and images.  They were SO appreciated.  When I left, the librarians Godsway and Emmanuel both thanked me again and again for the new additions.  They will all be carefully covered and catalogued and avidly read no doubt!” (Peta Hall)

Peta Hall is a well-known Bloomfield potter and arts supporter.  She has been very involved in the development and marketing of artisans in Africa. Since 2008 she has been instrumental in setting up a woman’s textile cooperative called Diderot, meaning “there is hope” in the Volta region of Ghana.